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Free Software

Portfolio Website - - 2016

  • My old portfolio site I used to break into the software industry. GitHub

Old Blog - - 2017

  • My old blog I used to document my experience as a software apprentice. GitHub

Typing Dojo - - 2016

  • Typing Dojo is a typing game that lets users race against other users in real time using web sockets. Typing Dojo is a solo project that demonstrates the full MEAN stack.
  • Technologies used: JavaScript, MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, Node.js, Socket.IO, jQuery, Materialize, AWS EC2, Git, HTML, CSS.

Crime Dodger - - 2016

  • Lead developer on a team project that utilized information and Google Maps API to map crime throughout the city of San Francisco and generate directions.
  • Primarily responsible for delegating tasks, version control, deployment, Socrata Open Data, Google Maps JavaScript API.
  • Technologies used: JavaScript, Python, MySQL, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, MVC, AWS EC2, Git, Socrata Open Data, and Google Maps JavaScript API.

User Dashboard - - 2016

  • Solely created an application that demonstrates an MVC Framework, login with registration, validation, Bootstrap, and a relational database.
  • Technologies used: Python, MySQL, Flask, Pylot (MVC Python Framework), Bootstrap, AWS EC2, Git, HTML, CSS

Snippet - - 2016

  • Snippet is an iOS application that allows the user to write and store code snippets. It is a text editor with a built-in chat feature to share your code with others around the web. It uses a custom keyboard and web sockets. Snippet is a team project.
  • Primarily responsible for implementation of web sockets in iOS, implementation of Node.js server for web chat, version control, and auto layout.
  • Technologies used: Swift, JavaScript, Express.js, Node.js, Socket.IO, Xcode 7.3.1.
  • iOS Concepts: Storyboard, Auto Layout, Table View, Custom Cell, Core Data (Data Persistence), Tab View Controller, Navigation Controller, Protocols, Delegates, CocoaPods.