Build A PC (2023 update)

I have made several upgrades to my PC since building it in December 2019.

  • CPU: AMD 3700X => AMD 5800X3D. I had to update the BIOS to support the 3D cache processor.
  • GPU: MSI Nvidia 2070 Super => ASUS TUF Nvidia 4070 (if only the 4060 Ti had more VRAM).
  • RAM: DDR 4 2x16 GB + 2x8 GB fully populated @ 3200 MHz => Mushkin Enhanced Redline DDR 4 2x32 GB @ 3600 MHz.
  • Power Supply: Same power supply, which is the main reason I went with Nvidia instead of AMD (AMD has better price/performance ratio, but more power hungry. Also, worse performance for VR and video encoding).
  • Monitor: LG 27GL83A-B => Dell S2721DGF. Higher refresh rate (144 => 165 Hz) and build quality.
  • DAC/AMP: JDS Labs DAC+ & AMP+