Build A PC (part list review)

I haven’t built my computer yet, but here are some takeaways from my research for the final part list.

  • Graphics Card (GPU): I picked a 2070 Super over a 2080 because ~$120 price difference for 3-5% increased performance.
  • Thermal Paste: wipe off the existing compound with alcohol and use your own.
  • Motherboard (MOBO): don’t pick a low end board. x570 vs b450: b450 needs a BIOS update if not a MAX version with AMD CPUs. x570 has a better upgrade path.
  • RAM: higher clock speed translates into faster performance. 2x8GB is better than 4x4GB. More channels is marginally faster, but it makes future upgrades more expensive. Fully populated is also worse for overclocking memory.
  • Storage (NVMe SSD): NVMe is the faster storage form factor (suitable for boot drive). It requires a M.2 slot in your MOBO. Additional storage in SATA (cheaper). Helpful flowchart.
  • Case: Mid-tower for cooling and space.
  • Power Supply: 750W for future upgrades.
  • Additional Cooling: 120 mm fans for case intake/outtake that are compatible with my case.
  • Monitor: 27”/1440p/144 Hz/1 ms/IPS is the sweet spot for monitors in 2019. A bigger screen will create ergonomic issues. Higher resolution is very GPU-intensive. 240 Hz provides diminishing returns. IPS > VA » TN.